"...thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend Ohio Business Week. Your sponsorship enabled me to make new friends, learn about working as a team, and learn and utilize business & marketing skills."
- Aliyah R, ECOT Student


In honor of Michael John Lager


ClickForward of Ohio is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, dedicated to serving the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow's (ECOT's) family. ECOT is Ohio's first and largest online public charter school, with over 15,000 enrolled students and 800 teachers. Through ClickForward, ECOT's students, teachers, and staff benefit from knowing they are never alone in times of hardship. Through generous donations from people just like you, we are able to lift those in need.


Our Mission:

To maximize opportunities for ECOT students, their families, teachers, and the community through assistance for higher education, scholarships, and other programs to overcome barriers they have encountered in their lives.






Through the AmazonSmile program, Amazon will donate to the Michael John Lager Foundation whenever you make an eligible purchase. Signing up is easy! Visit the Donations page to learn more.




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